Subject Property

Business / Real Estate / Subject Property: A reference to the real property under discussion, or the real property under appraisal.

Other Words for Property

Property Noun Synonyms: characteristic, attribute, quality, feature, trait, mark, hallmark, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, oddity, quirk, haecceity, quiddity
Property Adverb Synonyms: possessions, belongings, effects, gear, paraphernalia, chattels

Other Words for Subject

Subject Noun Synonyms: discussed, under discussion, referred to, above
Subject Verb Synonyms: (subject-)matter, topic, issue, theme, angle, thesis, gist, substance, business, affair, point
Subject Adjective Synonyms: participant, case, guinea-pig, testee

Residential Property

Business / Finance / Residential Property: Property that consists of homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. MORE

Replacement Property

Business / Real Estate / Replacement Property: The property acquired in the exchange. MORE

Relinquished Property

Business / Real Estate / Relinquished Property: The property given up in the exchange. MORE

Retail Property

Business / Real Estate / Retail Property: Income-producing property from which various types of retail products are sold. MORE

Sellers Real Property Disclosure Form

Business / Real Estate / Sellers Real Property Disclosure Form: As required by Nevada Real Estate Division Code NRS 113. 100-113.150, a transferee (buyer) of residential real property is entitled to a statement from the transferor (seller) which provides informati MORE

Separation Property

Business / Finance / Separation Property: The property that portfolio choice can be divided into two independent tasks: (1) Determination of the optimal risky portfolio, which is a purely mathematical problem, and (2) the personal choice of t MORE