Subject To

Business / Real Estate / Subject To: The recognition by a buyer of conditions (such as a prior loan), which are not the buyers legal responsibility.

Other Words for Subject

Subject Noun Synonyms: discussed, under discussion, referred to, above
Subject Verb Synonyms: (subject-)matter, topic, issue, theme, angle, thesis, gist, substance, business, affair, point
Subject Adjective Synonyms: participant, case, guinea-pig, testee

Fee Simple Subject To A Condition Subsequent

Business / Real Estate / Fee Simple Subject To A Condition Subsequent: A fee simple subject to a condition subsequent is an estate conveyed provided that, on the condition that or if it is used for a specific purpose. If it is no longer used for that purpose, it reverts MORE

American Depository Receipt (ADR)

Business / Finance / American Depository Receipt (ADR): Certificates issued by a U.S. depository bank, representing foreign shares held by the bank, usually by a branch or correspondent in the country of issue. One ADR may represent a portion of a foreign MORE

Automatic Exercise

Business / Taxes / Automatic Exercise: If you hold a call option, automatic exercise may occur if the contract is in-the-money by a certain amount. In this case, an in-the-money contract is one where the strike price — the price at which MORE

Independent Contractor

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Independent Contractor: A self-employed individual who performs a service for an employer under an express or implied agreement and who is not subject to the employer's control, or right to control, regarding the method and MORE

Assumption Subject To

Business / Real Estate / Assumption Subject To: When a loan is taken subject to, the seller agrees to remain liable and the buyer accepts no liability in the event of a deficiency on a foreclosure. MORE

Dutch Auction Preferred Stock

Business / Finance / Dutch Auction Preferred Stock: Auction in which the lowest price necessary to sell the entire offering becomes the price at which all securities offered are sold. This technique has been used in Treasury auctions. Often used in ris MORE