Business / Real Estate / Survey: The process by which boundaries are measured and land areas are determined, the on-site measurement of lot lines, dimensions and position of a house on a lot, including the determination of any existing encroachments or easements.

Other Words for Survey

Survey Verb Synonyms: examine, appraise, evaluate, take the measure of, inspect, study, scan, scrutinize, measure, size up, assess, investigate, look into or over, review
Survey Noun Synonyms: view, look at, get a bird's eye view of, contemplate
Survey Adjective Synonyms: surveying, examination, appraisal, evaluation, measure, study, scan, scanning, scrutiny, inquiry or enquiry, measurement, investigation, inspection

Coast And Geodetic Survey

Science / Tides and Currents / Coast And Geodetic Survey: A former name of the National Ocean Service. The organization was known as: Survey of the Coast from its founding in 1807 to 1836, Coast Survey from 1836 to 1878, Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1878 t MORE

Rectangular (Government) Survey System

Business / Real Estate / Rectangular (Government) Survey System: A system established in 1785 by the federal government, providing for surveying and describing land by reference to principal meridians and base lines. MORE

Government Survey System

Business / Real Estate / Government Survey System: A system of land description that applies to much of the land in the United States, particularly in the western states, also called the geodetic or rectangular survey system. It is based on pairs of p MORE

Property Survey

Business / Construction / Property Survey: A survey to determine the boundaries of your property. The cost depends on the complexity of the survey. MORE

Attitude Survey

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Attitude Survey: A tool used to solicit and assess employee opinions, feelings, perceptions and expectations regarding a variety of managerial and organizational issues. MORE

Total Survey Area (TSA)

Technology / Television (TV) / Total Survey Area (TSA): A geographic area term: includes metro area and any additional counties where a statistically significant amount of viewing can be attributed to stations originating in the metro area. These outlying MORE