Business / Real Estate / Syndicate: A combination of people or firms formed to accomplish a business venture of mutual interest by pooling resources. In a real estate investment syndicate the parties own and/or develop property, with the main profit generally arising from the sale of the property.

Other Words for Syndicate

Syndicate Adjective Synonyms: serialize, distribute
Syndicate Noun Synonyms: trust, monopoly, bloc, cartel, syndication

Syndicated Program

Technology / Television (TV) / Syndicated Program: A program that is produced for national distribution, but which is shown on individual local stations rather than on a national network is called a syndicated program. These programs may be sponsored MORE

Underwriting Syndicate

Business / Finance / Underwriting Syndicate: The income that is generated by the underwriting syndicate and the selling group, which is essentially the difference between the amount paid to the issuer of securities in a primary distribution and MORE

Distributing Syndicate

Business / Finance / Distributing Syndicate: As new Treasury issues in dealers' hands are said to be distributed. MORE

Dual Syndicate Equity Offering

Business / Finance / Dual Syndicate Equity Offering: Listing of a security on more than one exchange, thus increasing the competition for bid and offer prices, the liquidity of the securities, and the length time the stock can be traded daily (if listed MORE

Breaking The Syndicate

Business / Finance / Breaking The Syndicate: Terminating an agreement among underwriters, specifically the investment banking group assembled to underwrite the issue of a security. MORE


Business / Accounting / Account: A section in a ledger devoted to a single aspect of a business (eg. a Bank account, Wages account, Office expenses account). MORE