Business / Real Estate / Tacking: Adding or combining successive periods of continuous occupation of real property by adverse possessors. This concept enables someone who has not been in possession for the entire statutory period to establish a claim of adverse possession.

Attacking Zone

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Attacking Zone: Is that portion of the rink farthest from the defended goal. So that area closest to your opponent's goal is the attacking zone. MORE

Leave Stacking

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Leave Stacking: Used to define the practice of scheduling leave under FMLA in such a manner that the employee’s leave allowance for two consecutive calendar years is uninterrupted. Typically occurs when an employer MORE

Attacking Line

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Attacking Line: Consists of two wings (right and left) and a center; these three players play nearer the opponent’s goal and are responsible for most of the scoring. MORE

Tacking Iron

Entertainment / Photography / Tacking Iron: Heated tool used to stick part of the dry-mounting tissue to a print and its mounting board. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Wings: Two players who flank the center on his right and left sides and, with him, make up the attacking unit or forward line. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Zones: Three areas made up by the two blue lines; the attacking zone is the area farthest from the goal a player is defending; the neutral zone is the central area; the defending zone is the area where a pla MORE