Business / Real Estate / Taking: The concept of taking comes from the Takings clause of the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution. The clause reads, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. This means that when land is taken for public use through the governments power of eminent domain or condemnation, the owner must be compensated.

Other Words for Taking

Taking Noun Synonyms: attractive, alluring, engaging, captivating, winning, winsome, charming, entrancing, enchanting, bewitching, fetching, fascinating, delightful, irresistible, compelling, intriguing, prepossessing

Takings (Of Property)

Business / Agriculture / Takings (Of Property): The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, and comparable provisions in state constitutions, bar the 'taking' of private property by government unless just compensation is paid to the property owner. In MORE

Profit Taking

Business / Finance / Profit Taking: Action by short-term securities traders to cash in on gains created by a sharp market rise, which pushes prices down temporarily but implies an upward market trend. See: Ring the [cash] register. MORE

Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species

Business / Agriculture / Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species: Taking, in layman’s terms, means killing or removing a plant or animal of a species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or seriously damaging its chances of reproduction. Except under spe MORE