Talking Sign

Business / Real Estate / Talking Sign: A radio transmitter with a range of up to 250 feet that broadcasts a description of a property to prospects listening to a radio tuned to the transmitters frequency.

Other Words for Sign

Sign Verb Synonyms: token, symbol, indication, mark, signal, indicator, notice
Sign Noun Synonyms: trace, indication, evidence, mark, clue, hint, suggestion, vestige

Signal Anxiety

Science / Psychiatry / Signal Anxiety: An ego mechanism that results in activation of defensive operations to protect the ego from being overwhelmed by an excess of excitement. The anxiety reaction that was originally experienced in a trau MORE

Signal Processors

Technology / Home Audio / Signal Processors: Electronic devices which alter sound either to achieve a particular effect or to solve a problem with that sound (e.g. Delays, compressors, reverbs, noise gates, equalizers). MORE


Business / Finance / Signal: Demand for immediate payment. MORE

Sign-Up Period

Business / Agriculture / Sign-Up Period: A USDA-prescribed time period, usually lasting several months, when farmers can enroll in a crop price support or other farm program. MORE

Sharp Sign

Entertainment / Music / Sharp Sign: Musical symbol (#) that indicates raising a pitch by a semitone. MORE


Science / Astrology / Sign: See 'Sun Sign.' MORE