Tax Bill

Business / Real Estate / Tax Bill: A property owners tax bill is computed by applying the tax rate to the assessed valuation of the property.

Other Words for Bill

Bill Noun Synonyms: invoice, account, tally, reckoning, tabulation, (restaurant) check, tab
Bill Verb Synonyms: invoice, charge

Other Words for Tax

Tax Adjective Synonyms: levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues
Tax Noun Synonyms: assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe

Tax Credit

Business / Accounting / Tax Credit: An amount that a taxpayer who meets certain criteria can subtract from tax owed. Examples include a credit for earned income below a certain limit and for qualified post-secondary school expenses. (Se MORE

Flat Tax

Business / Finance / Flat Tax: The pattern for new issues where shorter- and longer-term yields display very little difference over the bond's maturity range. MORE

Investment Tax Credit

Business / Finance / Investment Tax Credit: Proportion of new capital investment that could be used to reduce a company's tax bill (abolished in 1986). MORE

Regressive Tax

Business / Finance / Regressive Tax: A tax system that provides that average tax rates decrease with increases in individuals' income brackets. MORE

Tax Deed

Business / Real Estate / Tax Deed: An instrument, similar to a certificate of sale, given to a purchaser at a tax sale. MORE

Tax Deferral Option

Business / Finance / Tax Deferral Option: An expense that a taxpayer is allowed to deduct from taxable income. MORE