Business / Real Estate / Taxation: 1. The process by which a government or municipal quasi-public body raises monies to fund its operation. 2. The impact an investment has on the investors liability for the payment of federal, state, and local taxes.

Double Taxation

Business / Finance / Double Taxation: Used for listed equity securities. Dividend roll in which the 'dividend capturer' already owns the stock cum dividend . MORE

Tax Evasion

Business / Finance / Tax Evasion: Legislation to increase tax revenue by eliminating various taxation loopholes and instituting tougher enforcement procedures in collecting taxes. MORE

Income Fund

Business / Finance / Income Fund: The IRS rule that excludes certain types of income from taxation, e.g., welfare payments. MORE

Subchapter S

Business / Finance / Subchapter S: An IRS regulation dealing with investment companies and real estate investment trusts that avoid double taxation by distributing interest, dividends, and capital gains directly to shareholders, who ar MORE

Double Top

Business / Finance / Double Top: Government taxation of the same money twice; specifically, taxation of earnings at the corporate level and dividends at the stockholder level. MORE


Business / Finance / Type: Taxation system that results in taxing the income going to shareholders twice. MORE