Business / Real Estate / Tenement: A common law real estate term that describes those real property rights of a permanent nature. These rights relate to the land and pass with conveyance of the land, such as buildings and improvements.

Servient Tenement

Business / Real Estate / Servient Tenement: Land on which an easement exists in favor of an adjacent property (called a dominant tenement or estate), also called a servient estate. If property A has a right-of-way across property B, property B MORE

Dominant Tenement

Business / Real Estate / Dominant Tenement: The estate that is said to attach to and derive benefit from the servient estate in reference to an easement appurtenant. For example, an easement road passes over an owners land (the servient tenemen MORE


Business / Agriculture / Easement: A landowner sells or surrenders the right to develop a portion of the property, usually in return for a payment or some other benefit. Some local and state governments, and land trusts, have programs MORE

Affirmative Easement

Business / Real Estate / Affirmative Easement: Gives the owner of the dominant tenement the right to use the servient tenement. MORE