Trip Hazard

Business / Real Estate / Trip Hazard: Any situation where there is an increased likelihood of tripping (e.g. stairs that do not have a uniform tread or riser height all the way along the stairs).

Other Words for Hazard

Hazard Noun Synonyms: peril, danger, risk, endangerment, threat, jeopardy

Other Words for Trip

Trip Noun Synonyms: stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, faux pas, error, mistake, indiscretion, lapse, slip of the tongue, lapsus linguae, erratum, oversight, Freudian slip, boob
Trip Verb Synonyms: stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, fall

Triple Junction

Science / Geology / Triple Junction: A point that is common to three plates and which must also be the meeting place of three boundary features, such as divergence zones, convergence zones, or transform faults. MORE

Triple Lnb

Technology / Television (TV) / Triple Lnb: An 18' x 20' dish with three lnbs and four outputs. This dish looks at satellites in three different orbital positions. It is required for HD customers, Spanish language services, and locals in some m MORE

Triple Extension

Entertainment / Photography / Triple Extension: Camera system in which lens-image distance can be extended by as much as three times its focal length. It is particularly useful for close-up photography. MORE

Triple Double

Entertainment / Basketball / Triple Double: When a player scores double-digits in 3 categories during one game (points, assists and rebounds are most common, but it can also be blocks or steals). MORE

Triple Bond

Science / Chemistry / Triple Bond: A covalent bond that involves 3 bonding pairs. In the valence bond theory, one of the bonds in a triple bond is a sigma bond and the other two are pi bonds. For example, the central bond in acetylene MORE

Triple Meter

Entertainment / Music / Triple Meter: Basic metrical pattern of three beats to a measure. MORE