Business / Real Estate / Underwriter: A person who evaluates the risk of default by a mortgage loan applicant, and grants approval or denial of the loan.

Lead Underwriter

Business / Finance / Lead Underwriter: The head of a syndicate of financial firms that are sponsoring an initial public offering of securities or a secondary offering of securities. Could also apply to bond issues. MORE

Managing Underwriter

Business / Finance / Managing Underwriter: The leading firm in an underwriting group, which originates the deal and acts as an agent for the group. MORE

Agreement Among Underwriters

Business / Finance / Agreement Among Underwriters: A contract amoung participating members of a syndicate that defines the members' proportionate liability, which is usually limited to and based on the participants' level of involvement. The contract MORE

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Business / Construction / UL (Underwriters Laboratories): An independent testing agency that checks electrical devices and other components for possible safety hazards. MORE

Underwriters Laboratory (UL)

Technology / Motors / Underwriters Laboratory (UL): An independent testing organization which examines and tests devices, systems and materials with particular reference to life, fire and casualty hazards. It develops standards for motor and control fo MORE

Yield Curb

Business / Finance / Yield Curb: A municipal bond financing method. Underwriters in advance refundings add large markups on U.S. Treasury bonds bought and held in escrow to compensate investors while waiting for repayment of old bond MORE