Business / Real Estate / Value: The measure of the monetary equivalent of a property. The four essential elements of value are utility, scarcity, demand and transferability. Cost does not equal value nor does equity. There are various types of value, such as market value, tax assessed value, book value, insurance value, use value, par value, rental value and replacement value. By far, the type of value used for the largest number of real estate transactions is market value.

Value-At-Risk Model (Var)

Business / Finance / Value-At-Risk Model (Var): Method of indirect taxation that levies a tax is at each stage of production on the value added at that specific stage. MORE

Value Line, Inc.

Business / Taxes / Value Line, Inc.: Value Line is an investment research company that provides detailed analysis on a range of stocks, mutual funds, and convertible investments. Their publications include The Value Line Investment Surve MORE

Loan Value

Business / Finance / Loan Value: The maximum percentage of the value of securities that a broker can lend to a margin account customer, as dictated by the Federal Reserve Board in Regulation T. MORE