Business / Real Estate / Vendor: The seller of realty. The seller under a land contract. In some cases, the vendor may not be the owner--he or she might be the holder of an option.

Vendor-Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE)

Business / Accounting / Vendor-Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE): A method for determining the individual value of each item within a contract in order to recognize partial revenue before the entire contract is fulfilled. MORE

Email Vendor

Technology / Email / Email Vendor: Another name for an email broadcast service provider, a company that sends bulk (volume) email on behalf of their clients. Also email service provider (ESP). MORE

WIC Vendors

Business / Agriculture / WIC Vendors: Grocery and other stores authorized as eligible to accept WIC coupons or vouchers and to receive reimbursement from the state WIC program for purchases made with these food instruments. MORE

Car Class

Life Style / Travel / Car Class: Size and type of rental car. Classes differ from vendor to vendor, and are stated usually as economy, mid-size, full-size, luxury, and specialty. MORE

Accounts Payable

Business / Accounting / Accounts Payable: An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Purchase Ledger. MORE

Contract For Deed

Business / Real Estate / Contract For Deed: The contract for deed is used extensively in many areas, where it may be called a land contract, agreement of sale, installment contract, articles of agreement, conditional sales contract, bond for de MORE