Business / Real Estate / Verification: Confirmation under oath of the truthfulness of a statement.

Physical Verification

Business / Finance / Physical Verification: A procedure auditors use to ensure that inventory recorded in the book is correct by actually checking out the physical inventory. MORE

Primary Source Verification

Health / Health Insurance / Primary Source Verification: A process through which an organization validates credentialing information from the organization that originally conferred or issued the credentialing element to the practitioner. MORE

Qualified Through Verification

Business / Agriculture / Qualified Through Verification: An AMS pilot program (since 1996) for the fresh-cut produce industry, enabling them to gain official certification of the wholesomeness of their products to improve marketing opportunities. Under this MORE


Business / Taxes / Preapproval: When you’re preapproved for a mortgage, the lender guarantees in advance the maximum you can borrow, provided your financial situation doesn’t change before you find a home. You’ll need to fill MORE


Business / Finance / Registrar: Financial institution appointed to record issue and ownership of company securities. MORE

Keyword Audit

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Audit: Independent third-party verification of your keyword use, strategy, bidding, and return on investment. MORE