Veterans Administration (VA)

Business / Real Estate / Veterans Administration (VA): Federal agency providing assistance to veterans, including the guarantee of VA mortgage loans.

Other Words for Administration

Administration Noun Synonyms: management, direction, conduct, supervision, oversight, superintendence, regulation, charge

Small Business Administration

Business / Loan / Small Business Administration: Established by Congress, the SBA provides financial, technical and management assistance to help Americans start, run, and grow their businesses. MORE

Veterans Administration (VA)

Business / Construction / Veterans Administration (VA): A federal agency that insures mortgage loans with very liberal down payment requirements for honorably discharged veterans and their surviving spouses. MORE

Rural Electrification Administration

Business / Agriculture / Rural Electrification Administration: The predecessor USDA agency to the Rural Utilities Service charged with administering certain telephone and rural electric cooperative loan programs. MORE

Public Securities Administration (PSA)

Business / Finance / Public Securities Administration (PSA): The trade association for primary dealers in U.S. government securities, including MBSs. MORE

Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA)

Business / Agriculture / Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA): The U.S. Department of Labor agency responsible for administering the Occupational Safety and Health Act (P.L. 91-596). According to OSHA, farming is the nation’s most hazardous occupation. Agricult MORE

Plan Administration

Health / Health Insurance / Plan Administration: Supervising the details and routine activities of installing and running a health plan, such as answering questions, enrolling individuals, billing and collecting premiums, and similar duties. MORE