Business / Real Estate / Void: Having no legal force or binding effect, a nullity, not enforceable. A void agreement is no contract at all. A void contract need not be disaffirmed, nor can it be ratified. A contract for an illegal purpose (for example, gambling) is void. A voidable contract is one that is able to be voided. Voidable implies a valid act that may be rejected by an act of disaffirmance, rather than an invalid act that may be confirmed. For example, if a minor contracts to buy a diamond ring, the contract can be voided by the minor because of lack of sufficient age. If, however, the minor elects to enforce the contract, the contract is valid and the other party cannot assert the minors lack of age as a defense.

Other Words for Void

Void Adjective Synonyms: nullify, annul, cancel, delete, disannul, declare or render null and void, invalidate, quash, vacate, discharge, abandon, disestablish, neutralize, disenact, set or put aside, rescind, reverse, abnegate, abrogate
Void Verb Synonyms: space, niche, slot, opening, place, vacancy, gap, emptiness
Void Noun Synonyms: null and void, invalid, not (legally) binding, inoperative, unenforceable, ineffectual, futile, ineffective, vain, unavailing, idle,eless, pointless, bootless


Science / Astrology / Void-Of-Course: A term describing a planet that does not apply to a major aspect until it changes sign, usually confined to reference to the Moon. In horary astrology, a void-of-course Moon indicates lack of action o MORE

Cantilevered Void

Business / Construction / Cantilevered Void: Foundation void material used in unusually expansive soils conditions. This void is 'trapezoid' shaped and has vertical sides of 6' and 4' respectively. MORE


Technology / Aviation / See-And-Avoid: The FAA requirement that all pilots are ultimately responsible for separation from other aircraft when visual conditions permit spotting traffic. MORE