Voluntary Lien

Business / Real Estate / Voluntary Lien: A lien placed on property with the knowledge and consent of the property owner.

Other Words for Voluntary

Voluntary Noun Synonyms: free, elective, willing, spontaneous, unsolicited, unbidden, unasked, gratuitous, contributed

Corporation Franchise Tax Lien

Business / Real Estate / Corporation Franchise Tax Lien: State governments generally levy a corporation franchise tax on corporations as a condition of allowing them to do business in the state. Such a tax is a general statutory involuntary lien on all real MORE

Irs Tax Lien

Business / Real Estate / Irs Tax Lien: A federal tax lien, or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax lien, results from a persons failure to pay any portion of federal taxes, such as income and withholding taxes. A federal tax lien is a genera MORE

Bail Bond Lien

Business / Real Estate / Bail Bond Lien: A real estate owner who is charged with a crime for which he or she must face trial, and may post bail in the form of real estate rather than cash. The execution and recording of such a bail bond crea MORE

Utility Liens

Business / Real Estate / Utility Liens: Municipalities often have the right to impose a specific, equitable, involuntary lien on the property of an owner who refuses to pay bills for municipal utility services. MORE

Web Client

Technology / Computers / Web Client: When using a web browser to display web pages hosted by a web server, your computer would be acting as a web client. MORE

Resilient Mounting

Technology / Motors / Resilient Mounting: A suspension system or cushioned mounting designed to reduce the transmission of normal motor noise and vibration to the mounting surface. This type of mounting is typically used in fractional motors MORE