Business / Real Estate / Workout: The various ways to offset a foreclosure.

Total Body Workout

Health / Fitness / Total Body Workout: Total body workouts, like on Life Fitness total-body elliptical cross-trainers, involve exercising all the body's major muscle groups at once in order to derive a variety of benefits. These benefits i MORE

Workout Period

Business / Finance / Workout Period: Market indicating prices at which it is believed a security can be bought or sold within a reasonable length of time. MORE

Workout Market

Business / Finance / Workout Market: Informal repayment or loan forgivness arrangement between a borrower and creditors. MORE


Health / Fitness / Footprint: A designeted space required for a workout machine. MORE

Cool Down

Health / Fitness / Cool Down: A period of time used after a fast workout or activity by slowing down the pace to bring the body back to its normal rhythm. MORE


Health / Fitness / Walk-Run: A workout in which you alternate walking and running. By sprinkling running intervals throughout your walking workout, you can spike up exercise intensity and burn more calories. MORE