Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Bold: A way to make words appear in a bolder font. Words that appear in a bolder font are more likely to be read by humans that are scanning a page. A search engine may also place slightly greater weighting on these words than regular text, but if you write natural page copy and a word or phrase appears on a page many times it probably does not make sense or look natural if you bold ever occurrence.

Other Words for Bold

Bold Adjective Synonyms: courageous, brave, plucky, confident, stout-hearted, lion-hearted, daring, enterprising, audacious, fearless, unafraid, intrepid, resolute, dauntless, undaunted, valiant, stout, valorous, stalwart, adventurous, venturesome, reckless, foolhardy, incautious

Humboldt Current

Science / Weather / Humboldt Current: Also known as the Peru Current, this ocean current flows northward along the western side of South America, offshore Chile and Peru. There is considerable upwelling of the colder subsurface waters due MORE


Life Style / Wine / Sturdy: Bold, vigorous flavor; full-bodied; robust. MORE

Peru Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Peru Current: A South Pacific Ocean current setting northward along the west coast of South America. It has sometimes been called the Humboldt Current because an early record of its temperature was taken by the Ger MORE