Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Brand: The emotional response associated with your company and/or products. A brand is built through controlling customer expectations and the social interactions between customers. Building a brand is what allows you to move away from commodity based pricing and move toward higher margin value based pricing.

Other Words for Brand

Brand Verb Synonyms: mark, stamp, identify, tag, label, trade-mark
Brand Noun Synonyms: kind, make, type, sort, variety, brand name, manufacturer, maker, trade name, trade mark, label, mark, marque, name brand

Brand-Name Drug

Health / Dentistry / Brand-Name Drug: A drug manufactured by a pharmaceutical company which has chosen to patent the drug's formula and register its brand name. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Branding: The process of identifying and differentiating an organization’s products, processes or services from another organization by giving it a name, phrase or other mark. MORE

Cherry Brandy

Entertainment / Liquor / Cherry Brandy: Cherry flavored brandy. 70 proof. MORE