Conceptual Links

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Conceptual Links: Links which search engines attempt to understand beyond just the words in them. Some rather advanced search engines are attempting to find out the concept links versus just matching the words of the text to that specific word set. Some search algorithms may even look at co-citation and words near the link instead of just focusing on anchor text.


Entertainment / Golf / Links: 1. Originally referred to seaside courses on 'links land' (seaside grassy area), now used loosely to mean any golf course 2. ('links style course, links course') an exposed, windswept (sometimes seas MORE

Reciprocal Links

Business / Internet Marketing / Reciprocal Links: Links between two sites, often based on an agreement by the site owners to exchange links. MORE

Google Sitelinks

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Google Sitelinks: On some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than other results (like navigational or brand related searches) they may list numerous deep links to that site at the top of MORE