Entry Page

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Entry Page: The page which a user enters your site. If you are buying pay per click ads it is important to send visitors to the most appropriate and targeted page associated with the keyword they searched for. If you are doing link building it is important to point links at your most appropriate page when possible such that if anyone clicks the link they are sent to the most appropriate and relevant page, and you help search engines understand what the pages on your site are associated with.

Other Words for Entry

Entry Noun Synonyms: entrance, arrival, coming or going in
Entry Adjective Synonyms: access, entrance, entr‚e, admittance, admission
Entry Verb Synonyms: access, entrance, entry-way, door, inlet, passage, way in

Other Words for Page

Page Noun Synonyms: leaf, folio, side, sheet, verso or recto
Page Adjective Synonyms: paginate, folio, number
Page Verb Synonyms: announce, summon (forth), send for or after, call, call for, call out

Page Views

Business / Internet Marketing / Page Views: Number of times a user requests a page that may contain a particular ad. A page is defined as any file or content delivered by a web server that would generally be considered a web document. This incl MORE

Page View

Business / Internet Marketing / Page View: Request to load a single HTML page. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Pagejacking: Theft of a page from the original site and publication of a copy (or near-copy) at another site. MORE