Expert Document

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Expert Document: Quality page which links to many non-affiliated topical resources.

Other Words for Document

Document Noun Synonyms: paper, certificate, instrument, report, chronicle, record

Other Words for Expert

Expert Adjective Synonyms: authority, professional, specialist, scholar, master, connoisseur, pundit, wizard, whiz, pro, ace, dab hand, boffin, maven or mavin

Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG)

Technology / Computers / Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG): A format to make, view, and transfer both digital audio and digital video files. MORE

Loan Documents

Business / Real Estate / Loan Documents: Documents prepared by a lender in conjunction with granting the loan to the borrower, may include a promissory note, deed of trust, and required loan disclosure documents. MORE

Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

Business / Internet Marketing / Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group): JPEG (pronounced 'jay peg') is a graphics format newer than GIF which displays photographs and graphic images with millions of colors, it also compresses well and is easy to download. Unfortunately, n MORE

Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)

Technology / Television (TV) / Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG): It refers to a set of standards as defined up by the Moving Pictures Experts Group, and that defines the digital signal compression technology used among others, by digital satellite TV systems. Compr MORE

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Technology / Computers / Portable Document Format (PDF): A technology developed by Adobe and was designed to capture all of the elements of a printed document and place it in a singe image file. This PDF file can be navigated, printed or attached to an emai MORE

Travel Documents

Life Style / Travel / Travel Documents: Those paper documents required in cruise travel. Passage tickets, passports, visas, air travel tickets or confirmations, etc. Are examples of travel documents. MORE