Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Frames: A technique created by Netscape used to display multiple smaller pages on a single display. This web design technique allows for consistent site navigation, but makes it hard to deep link at relevant content. Given the popularity of server side includes, content management systems, and dynamic languages there really is no legitimate reason to use frames to build a content site today.

Frames Per Second (Fps)

Entertainment / Photography / Frames Per Second (Fps): Used to describe how many frames can a motor drive or winder handle automatically. MORE

Frames Per Stop Or (Per Stop)

Entertainment / Bowling / Frames Per Stop Or (Per Stop): The industry standard for measuring the maintenance performed on pinsetter machines. Most centers will track the number of frames before the machine needs human intervention to continue running, not i MORE

Suffixes To Nema Frames

Technology / Motors / Suffixes To Nema Frames: Letter suffixes sometimes follow the NEMA frame size. Some of these suffixes, according to NEMA standards, have the following meanings MORE