Fresh Content

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Fresh Content: Content which is dynamic in nature and gives people a reason to keep paying attention to your website. Many SEOs talk up fresh content, but fresh content does not generally mean re-editing old content. It more often refers to creating new content.

Other Words for Content

Content Noun Synonyms: substance, subject-matter, significance, purport, import, essence, text, theme, topic, thesis
Content Adjective Synonyms: capacity, volume, size, measure

Other Words for Fresh

Fresh Adjective Synonyms: raw, inexperienced, untested, unsophisticated, green, untried, unfledged, immature, untrained, naive, callow, (still) wet behind the ears, still in nappies, still in diapers
Fresh Adverb Synonyms: new, today's, brand-new, (most) recent, late(st)

Static Content

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Static Content: Content which does not change frequently. May also refer to content that does not have any social elements to it and does not use dynamic programming languages. Many static sites do well, but the reas MORE

Information Content Effect

Business / Finance / Information Content Effect: The correlation between predicted and actual stock returns, sometimes used to measure the contribution of a financial analyst. An IC of 1.0 indicates a perfect linear relationship between predicted an MORE

Manifest Content

Science / Psychiatry / Manifest Content: The remembered content of a dream or fantasy, as contrasted with latent content, which is concealed and distorted. MORE

Latent Content

Science / Psychiatry / Latent Content: The hidden (i.e., unconscious) meaning of thoughts or actions, especially in dreams or fantasies. In dreams, it is expressed in distorted, disguised, condensed, and symbolic form. MORE

Freshwater Biome

Science / Biology / Freshwater Biome: The aquatic biome consisting of water containing fewer salts than the waters in the marine biome; divided into two zones: running waters (rivers, streams) and standing waters (lakes, ponds). MORE

Fresh Water

Science / Weather / Fresh Water: Water found rivers, lakes, and rain, that is distinguished from salt water by its appreciable lack of salinity. MORE