Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Hit: Once the standard by which web traffic was often judged, but now a largely meaningless term replaced by pageviews AKA impressions. A hit happens each time that a server sends an object - documents, graphics, include files, etc. Thus one pageview could generate many hits.

Other Words for Hit

Hit Verb Synonyms: strike, collide or impact with, run or smash or crash into, bump or bang into
Hit Noun Synonyms: strike, cuff, smack, knock, whack, bash, bang, thump, thwack, punch, buffet, slap, swat, bludgeon, club, smite, spank, thrash, beat, pummel, batter, flog, scourge, birch, cane, lash, belabour, flagellate, whip, horsewhip, cudgel, fustigate

White Magic

Entertainment / Liquor / White Magic: A brand of white rum distilled by Caroni in Trinidad. MORE

White Light

Entertainment / Photography / White Light: See white light spectrum. MORE

Swenson White

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Swenson White: Has synonym name ES 6-1-43. Very vigorous variety developed in 1980 and released around 1994 by Elmer Swenson at the Univ. of Minnesota from an Edelweiss x E.S. 442 seedling that ripens around early O MORE

Hitting The Big Ball Before The Little Ball

Entertainment / Golf / Hitting The Big Ball Before The Little Ball: Another phrase for hitting the ball fat (the big ball being the earth) MORE


Science / Weather / Whiteout: When visibility is near zero due to blizzard conditions or occurs on sunless days when clouds and surface snow seem to blend, erasing the horizon and creating a completely white vista. MORE

Egg White

Entertainment / Liquor / Egg White: An egg white is an excellent way to put a head on a drink. It also cuts harshness and makes for a smoother taste. Always add the egg white before the liquor. MORE