Landing Page Quality Scores

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Landing Page Quality Scores: A measure used by Google to help filter noisy ads out of their AdWords program. When Google AdWords launched affiliates and arbitrage players made up a large portion of their ad market, but as more mainstream companies have spent on search marketing, Google has done many measures to try to keep their ads relevant.

Other Words for Landing

Landing Verb Synonyms: touchdown, alighting, splashdown, docking
Landing Noun Synonyms: landing-place, dock, pier, jetty, wharf, quay

Other Words for Page

Page Noun Synonyms: leaf, folio, side, sheet, verso or recto
Page Adjective Synonyms: paginate, folio, number
Page Verb Synonyms: announce, summon (forth), send for or after, call, call for, call out

Other Words for Quality

Quality Verb Synonyms: property, attribute, characteristic, mark, distinction, je ne sais quoi, trait

Other Words for Scores

Scores Noun Synonyms: dozens, hundreds, (tens or hundreds of) thousands, millions, number(s), drove(s), horde(s), host(s), multitude(s), herd(s), legion(s), lot(s), mass(es), myriad(s), shoal(s), pack(s), covey(s), bevy or bevies, swarm(s), flock(s), army or arm

Quality Of Earnings

Business / Finance / Quality Of Earnings: Increased earnings due to increased sales and cost controls, as compared to artificial profits created by inflation of inventory or other asset prices. MORE

Quality Option

Business / Finance / Quality Option: Gives the seller choice of deliverables in Treasury bond and Treasury note futures contracts. Also called the swap option. Related: Cheapest to deliver issue. MORE

Quality Management (QM)

Health / Health Insurance / Quality Management (QM): An organization-wide process of measur-ing and improving the quality of the healthcare provided by an MCO. MORE