Link Rot

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Rot: A measure of how many and what percent of a website's links are broken. Links may be broken for a number of reason, but four of the most common reasons are: a website going offline, linking to content which is temporary in nature, moving a page's location, and changing a domain's content management system. Most large websites have some broken links, but if too many of a site's links are broken it may be an indication of outdated content, and it may provide website users with a poor user experience. Both of which may cause search engines to rank a page as being less relevant.

Other Words for Link

Link Adjective Synonyms: tie, bond, coupling, connector, vinculum, element, constituent, component
Link Noun Synonyms: connection, tie-up, tie-in, relation, relationship, association, affiliation, interdependence

Other Words for Rot

Rot Noun Synonyms: decay, decompose, fester, spoil, go bad or off, be tainted, be ruined, mould, moulder, putrefy, corrode, rust, disintegrate, deteriorate, crumble or go or fall to pieces
Rot Verb Synonyms: (stuff and) nonsense, balderdash, rubbish, bunkum, tommy-rot, twaddle, drivel, hogwash, eyewash, trash, claptrap, bunk, boloney or boloney, bosh, malarkey, moonshine, poppycock, tosh, crap, bull, codswallop, (a load of (old)) cobblers, T
Rot Adjective Synonyms: waste away, wither away, languish, die, moulder, decline, deteriorate, degenerate, decay, atrophy


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Protected Ranking

Entertainment / Tennis / Protected Ranking: A player injured for a minimum of six months can ask for a protected ranking, which will be based on his or her average ranking during the first three months of his or her injury. The player will be a MORE

Protected Class

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Protected Class: A legal term describing certain groups, such as women, older and disabled individuals, Vietnam-era veterans and minorities. MORE