Mechanical Turk

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Mechanical Turk: program which allows you to hire humans to perform easy tasks that computers are bad at.

Other Words for Mechanical

Mechanical Adjective Synonyms: impersonal, distant, cold, matter-of-fact, unfeeling, insensible, ritualistic, lifeless, spiritless, dead, inanimate, unanimated, unemotional, unartistic, mechanistic, colourless, uninspired, business-like
Mechanical Noun Synonyms: automatic, automated, machine-driven, machine-made

Turkish Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Turkish Coffee: Coffee ground to a powder, sweetened (usually), brought to a boil, and served grounds and all. MORE

Wild Turkey

Entertainment / Liquor / Wild Turkey: Kentucky 4 year old straight bourbon whiskey. 86.8 proof. MORE

Wild Turkey 101

Entertainment / Liquor / Wild Turkey 101: Kentucky 8 year old straight bourbon whiskey. One of America's finest bourbon whiskeys. 101 proof. MORE

Wild Turkey Liqueur

Entertainment / Liquor / Wild Turkey Liqueur: A liqueur made with honey and special reserved stock Wild Turkey* 60 proof. MORE

Turkey Trot

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Turkey Trot: A term used to describe the practice of transferring problem or performance-challenged employees from one position or department to another with the expectation that the employee may improve under a n MORE

Turkey Buzzard

Entertainment / Bowling / Turkey Buzzard: Three splits in a row. You can see them circleing (remember, the symbol for a split is a circle). See also buzzard. MORE