Meta Description

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Meta Description: The meta description tag is typically a sentence or two of content which describes the content of the page. A good meta description tag should: be relevant and unique to the page, reinforce the page title, and focus on including offers and secondary keywords and phrases to help add context to the page title. Relevant meta description tags may appear in search results as part of the page description below the page title.

Other Words for Description

Description Verb Synonyms: portrayal, characterization, depiction, (thumbnail) sketch, portrait
Description Noun Synonyms: account, narrative, story, report, representation, statement, definition, explanation, commentary, chronicle, history, record, narration, memoir


Entertainment / Literature / Metapoetry: Poetry about poetry, especially self-conscious poems that pun on objects or items associated with writing or creating poetry. Among the Romantic and Enlightenment poets, we find puns on leaves (referr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metaplasmus: A type of neologism in which misspelling a word creates a rhetorical effect. To emphasize dialect, one might spell dog as 'dawg.' To emphasize that something is unimportant, we might add -let or -ling MORE

Metaphysical Poets

Entertainment / Literature / Metaphysical Poets: In his 1693 work, Discourse of Satire, John Dryden used the term metaphysical to describe the style of certain poets earlier in the 17th century. Later, Samual Johnson popularized the term in 1779. Th MORE