Meta Refresh

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Meta Refresh: A meta tag used to make a browser refresh to another URL location. Generally in most cases it is preferred to use a 301 or 302 redirect over a meta refresh.

Other Words for Refresh

Refresh Verb Synonyms: enliven, renew, revive, freshen (up), resuscitate, bring back to life, breathe new life into, invigorate, vitalize, energize, brace, fortify, exhilarate, revitalize, reinvigorate, reanimate


Science / Marine Biology / Metapopulation: A group of interconnected subpopulations, usually of subequal size. The features of individuals now founnd in one subpopulation might have been determined by conditions affecting them when they were l MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metapoetry: Poetry about poetry, especially self-conscious poems that pun on objects or items associated with writing or creating poetry. Among the Romantic and Enlightenment poets, we find puns on leaves (referr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metaplasmus: A type of neologism in which misspelling a word creates a rhetorical effect. To emphasize dialect, one might spell dog as 'dawg.' To emphasize that something is unimportant, we might add -let or -ling MORE


Technology / Aviation / Metar: Acronym in FAA pilot briefings and weather reports simply means an 'aviation routine weather report,' but nobody seems certain about the original source. The format was introduced by the French on 1 J MORE


Science / Biology / Metastasis: The process in which cancer cells break away from the original tumor mass and establish new tumor sites elsewhere in the body. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metathesis: The transposition of two sounds in speech or spelling. This tendency often catches students of Middle English off guard, since they might encounter the spelling brid for bird or hwale for whale. MORE