Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Monetize: To extract income from a site. Adsense ads are an easy way to Monetize a website.

Monetize The Debt

Business / Finance / Monetize The Debt: Financing the national debt by printing new money, which causes inflation as a result of a larger money supply. MORE

Bait and Switch

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Bait and Switch: Marketing technique where you make something look overtly pure or as though it has another purpose to get people to believe in it or vote for it (by linking at it or sharing it with friends), then swi MORE

Catch All Listing

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Catch All Listing: A listing used by pay per click search engines to monetize long tail terms that are not yet targeted by marketers. This technique may be valuable if you have very competitive key words, but is not ide MORE