Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Netscape: Originally a company that created a popular web browser by the same name, Netscape is now a social news site similar to


Technology / Computers / JavaScript: JavaScript is a scripting language used in web development, primarily in websites. It was designed to look like Java and uses some of the same naming conventions, but the similarities end there. The p MORE


Health / First Aid / RSS: Repetitive stress syndrome, caused by any repetitive movement. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Bookmarks: Most browsers come with the ability to bookmark your favorite pages. Many web based services have also been created to allow you to bookmark and share your favorite resources. The popularity of a docu MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Frames: The use of multiple, independent sections to create a single Web page. Each frame is built as a separate HTML file but with one 'master' file to identify each section. When a user requests a page with MORE


Technology / Email / POP3: This is a computing standard that enables emails to be retrieved from a remote mailbox. That is, it allows you to collect emails from an account that you have on another computer (called a server, or MORE


Technology / Computers / Hotlist: List of URLs saved within the Mosaic Web browser. (Bookmark in Netscape.) MORE