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Operating Profit Margin

Business / Finance / Operating Profit Margin: The ratio of operating profit to net sales. MORE

Operating Income

Business / Finance / Operating Income: Sales revenue minus cost of sales and operating expenses. Similar to earnings before interest and taxes, operating income is examined when the earnings of the core business are analyzed. Also referred MORE

Cooperator Program

Business / Agriculture / Cooperator Program: Officially known as the Foreign Market Development Program (FMDP). One of the agricultural export promotion programs operated by the Foreign Agricultural Service. This program consists of joint govern MORE

Net Cash Provided By Operations

Business / Finance / Net Cash Provided By Operations: On a cash flow statement, net income plus non-cash transactions and the net amount of changes in operating assets and liabilities. MORE

National Bank For Cooperatives (Cobank)

Business / Agriculture / National Bank For Cooperatives (Cobank): An institution of the Farm Credit System that provides financial services to approximately 2,000 agricultural cooperatives, rural utility systems, Farm Credit System associations and other businesses MORE

Tour Operator

Life Style / Travel / Tour Operator: A company that creates and/or markets inclusive tours and/or performs tour services and/or subcontracts their performance. Most tour operators sell through travel agents and directly to clients. See t MORE