Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Penalty: Search engines prevent some websites suspected of spamming from ranking highly in the results by banning or penalizing them. These penalties may be automated algorithmically or manually applied. If a site is penalized algorithmically the site may start ranking again after a certain period of time after the reason for being penalized is fixed. If a site is penalized manually the penalty may last an exceptionally long time or require contacting the search engine with a reinclusion request to remedy.

Other Words for Penalty

Penalty Adjective Synonyms: punishment, discipline, penance, sentence, forfeit, fine, handicap, price, mulct, amercement, imprisonment, incarceration

Penalty Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Timekeeper: An official who sits between the two penalty boxes and is responsible for recording and timing every penalty. MORE

Prepayment Penalty

Business / Finance / Prepayment Penalty: A fee a borrower pays a lender when the borrower repays a loan before its scheduled time of maturity. MORE

Misconduct Penalty

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Misconduct Penalty: A 10-minute penalty assessed for such infractions as abusive language toward an official or prolonged fighting. The team doesn't have to play short-handed. See also game misconduct penalty. MORE