Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Portal: A web service which offers a wide array of features to entice users to make the portal their "home page" on the web. IGoogle, Yahoo, and MSN are portals.

Portal System

Science / Biology / Portal System: An arrangement in which capillaries drain into a vein that opens into another capillary network. MORE

Science Fiction

Entertainment / Literature / Science Fiction: Literature in which speculative technology, time travel, alien races, intelligent robots, gene-engineering, space travel, experimental medicine, psionic abilities, dimensional portals, or altered scie MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Yahoo!: Internet portal company which was started with the popular Yahoo! Directory. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Vortal: Also known as a vertical industry portal, a vortal is a Web site that provides information and services to niche markets. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Hotbot: A popular search portal that is part of the Terra Lycos Network, but operates as a separate search engine in its own right. MORE

Tuberosity Maxillary

Health / Dentistry / Tuberosity Maxillary: The most distal portal of the maxillary alveolar ridge, that is applicable for implant support. MORE