Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Precision: The ability of a search engine to list results that satisfy the query, usually measured in percentage. (if 20 of the 50 results match the query the precision is 40%) Search spam and the complexity of language challenge the precision of search engines.

Other Words for Precision

Precision Adverb Synonyms: correctness, exactness, fidelity, faithfulness, exactitude, preciseness, accuracy, rigour, perfection, flawlessness, faultlessness, literalism, faithfulness, unerringness

Precision Farming

Business / Agriculture / Precision Farming: Farmers use global positioning (GPS) technology involving satellites and sensors on the ground and intensive information management tools to understand variations in resource conditions within fields. MORE

Precision Approach Radar (PAR)

Technology / Aviation / Precision Approach Radar (PAR): A ground-radar-based instrument approach providing both horizontal and vertical guidance MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Collet: A precision work-holding chuck which centers finished round stock automatically when tightened. Specialized collets are also available in shapes for other than round stock. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Knee: That part of a column of a knee-type milling machine which carries the saddle and the table and provides the machine with vertical feed adjustments. Also, the name of a precision angle plate called a MORE


Business / Construction / Lap: To cover the surface of one shingle or roll with another. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Mandrel: A precision-made tapered shaft to support work for machining between centers. MORE