Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Proximity: A measure of how close words are to one another. A page which has words near one another may be deemed to be more likely to satisfy a search query containing both terms. If keyword phrases are repeated an excessive number of times, and the proximity is close on all the occurrences of both words it may also be a sign of unnatural (and thus potentially low quality) content.

Other Words for Proximity

Proximity Verb Synonyms: nearness, closeness, adjacency, neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage, contiguity, contiguousness, propinquity

Proximity Effect

Technology / Home Audio / Proximity Effect: An increase in the bass response of some microphones as the distance between the mike and its sound source is decreased. MORE

Noble Savage

Entertainment / Literature / Noble Savage: Typically, the depiction of Amerindians, indigenous African tribesmen, and Australian bushmen results in two sharply opposing stereotypes as follows: (1) When 'civilized' races dwell in close proximit MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Coastal: The term coastal zone means the coastal waters (including the lands therein and there under) and the adjacent shore lands (including the waters therein and there under), strongly influenced by each an MORE