Query Refinement

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Query Refinement: Some searchers may refine their search query if they deemed the results as being irrelevant. Some search engines may aim to promote certain verticals or suggest other search queries if they deem other search queries or vertical databases as being relevant to the goals of the searcher. Query refinement is both a manual and an automated process. If searchers do not find their search results as being relevant they may search again. Search engines may also automatically refine queries using the following techniques: Google OneBox, Spell Correction, and Inline Suggest. Some search toolbars also aim to help searchers auto complete their search queries by offering a list of most popular queries which match the starting letters that a searcher enters into the search box.

Other Words for Query

Query Adjective Synonyms: ask (about), inquire or enquire (about), question, challenge, doubt, dispute
Query Verb Synonyms: question, inquiry or enquiry

Other Words for Refinement

Refinement Noun Synonyms: improvement, betterment, bettering, enhancement, development, perfection
Refinement Adjective Synonyms: culture, polish, elegance, sophistication, urbanity, urbaneness, breeding, cultivation, gentility, propriety, courtliness, civility, politeness, politesse, delicacy, tact, diplomacy, finesse, suavity, suaveness, taste, tastefulness, discrimination, discer

Stepwise Refinement

Technology / Programming / Stepwise Refinement: The 'divide and conquer' strategy to computer programming. Start with the main goal, and break it down into subparts. Then, break each subpart down into smaller parts. Once you have broken it down int MORE

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Technology / Computers / Structured Query Language (SQL): (Structured Query Language) A specialized programming language for sending queries to databases. Most industrial-strength and many smaller database applications can be addressed using SQL. Each specif MORE

Mini Structured Query Language (MSQL)

Technology / Computers / Mini Structured Query Language (MSQL): A lightweight client/server database that is the popular choice for open source developers. It is designed to provide quick access to data while only requiring a small amount of memory. MORE