Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Recall: The portion of relevant documents that were retrieved when compared to all relevant documents.

Other Words for Recall

Recall Verb Synonyms: remember, recollect, think back to, reminisce over or about, call to mind
Recall Noun Synonyms: withdraw, retract, call back, summon
Recall Adjective Synonyms: rescind, cancel, annul, nullify, retract, withdraw, revoke, recant, take back, call back, disavow, disown, deny


Science / Psychiatry / Preconscious: Thoughts that are not in immediate awareness but that can be recalled by conscious effort. MORE

Screen Memory

Science / Psychiatry / Screen Memory: A consciously tolerable memory that serves as a cover for an associated memory that would be emotionally painful if recalled. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Abreaction: An emotional release or discharge after recalling a painful experience that has been repressed because it was not consciously tolerable. Generally the release is surprising to the individual experienc MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Paramnesia: distorted recall leading to falsification of memory e.g. confabulation, déjà vu, déjà pensé, jamais vu, retrospective falsification MORE


Life Style / Wine / Acescence: Wine with a sharp, sweet-and-sour tang can be described as having acescence. The acescence characteristics frequently recalls a vinegary smell. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity: Scheduling advertising consistently over a period of time without interruption in order to build or maintain advertising awareness and recall. MORE