Rich Site Summary (RSS)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Rich Site Summary (RSS): Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication is a method of syndicating information to a feed reader or other software which allows people to subscribe to a channel they are interested in.

Other Words for Rich

Rich Noun Synonyms: wealthy, affluent, prosperous, well-to-do, well off, well provided for, opulent, moneyed, in clover, on velvet, flush, loaded, on Easy Street, rolling in it or money or wealth, in the chips or the dough or the money, well-heeled, well-fixed
Rich Adjective Synonyms: costly, expensive, dear, valuable, invaluable, precious, priceless, lavish, sumptuous, lush, luxurious, palatial, elaborate, splendid, exquisite, superb, elegant

Other Words for Site

Site Verb Synonyms: location, place, plot, plat, spot, locale, area, milieu, neighborhood, locality, purlieus, placement, position, situation, orientation

Other Words for Summary

Summary Noun Synonyms: summarization, recapitulation, encapsulation, compendium, synopsis, digest, abridgement, condensation, shortening, consolidation, epitome, epitomization, review, distillate, conspectus, brief, outline, ,
Summary Verb Synonyms: abrupt, peremptory, short, quick, brief, laconic, perfunctory, curt, terse


Life Style / Coffee / Richness: Richness partly refers to body, partly to flavor: at times even to acidity. The term describes an interesting, satisfying fullness. Of the coffees I suggest you try, the Sumatran should be the richest MORE

Richard Hennessy

Entertainment / Liquor / Richard Hennessy: This perfectly balanced aromatic cognac is the quintessential Hennessy. MORE

Rich Urban Biker (RUB)

Technology / Motorcycle / Rich Urban Biker (RUB): Image-oriented motorcycle owner with more money than riding knowledge or experience. MORE

Rich Site Summary (RSS)

Technology / Computers / Rich Site Summary (RSS): XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web, also known as Really Simple Syndication. MORE

Richter Magnitude Scale

Science / Geology / Richter Magnitude Scale: A scale that is used to compare the strength of earthquakes based upon the amount of energy released. The scale is logarithmic and an arbitrary earthquake was used as a starting point for creating the MORE

Rime Riche

Entertainment / Literature / Rime Riche: The French term for identical rhyme. See identical rhyme. MORE