Business / Taxes / Appreciation: When an asset such as stock, real estate, or personal property increases in value without any improvements or modification having been made to it, that’s called appreciation. Some personal assets, such as fine art or antiques, may appreciate over time, while others — such as electronic equipment — usually lose value, or depreciate. Certain investments also have the potential to appreciate. A number of factors can cause an asset to appreciate, among them inflation, uniqueness, or increased demand.

Other Words for Appreciation

Appreciation Noun Synonyms: gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, thanks, acknowledgement, obligation

Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

Business / Finance / Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM): A mortgage with a low rate of interest, offset by giving the lender some portion of the appreciation in the value of the underlying property. MORE

Capital Appreciation

Business / Taxes / Capital Appreciation: Any increase in a capital asset's fair market value is called capital appreciation. For example, if a stock increases in value from $30 a share to $60 a share, it shows capital appreciation. Some stoc MORE

Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

Business / Real Estate / Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (SAM): A mortgage loan in which the lender, in exchange for a loan with a favorable interest rate, participates in the profits (if any) the borrower receives when the property is eventually sold. MORE