Automatic Enrollment

Business / Taxes / Automatic Enrollment: Your employer has the right to sign you up for your company's 401(k) plan, in what's known as an automatic enrollment. If you don't want to participate, you must refuse, in writing, to be part of the plan. In an automatic enrollment, the company determines the percentage of earnings you contribute and how your contribution is invested, choosing among a number of potential alternatives. You have the right to change either or both of those choices if you stay in the plan.

Other Words for Automatic

Automatic Adjective Synonyms: self-acting, self-governing, self-regulating, mechanical, robot, automated

Automatic Two-Putt

Entertainment / Golf / Automatic Two-Putt: When a golf course declares that players may consider the ball to be holed in no more than two putts once their ball is on the putting surface (most commonly because of aeration or temporary greens in MORE

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Technology / Cell Phones / Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL): Combining a location-sensing device (such as a GPS receiver) with a wireless communications link to provide a home office or dispatcher with the location of a vehicle or mobile asset (such as a traile MORE

Automatic Tuner Activation (ATA)

Technology / Home Audio / Automatic Tuner Activation (ATA): A feature that allows the tuner to be accessed while a tape deck is rewinding or fast forwarding. MORE