Beneficial Owner

Business / Taxes / Beneficial Owner: When your stocks are registered in street name, the brokerage firm has title to the stocks but you are the beneficial owner, or the person who actually benefits from owning the stock.

Other Words for Beneficial

Beneficial Adjective Synonyms: advantageous, serviceable,eful, profitable, helpful, supportive, favorable, constructive, good

Other Words for Owner

Owner Verb Synonyms: possessor, holder, proprietor, proprietress

List Owner

Technology / Email / List Owner: The organization or individual who has gathered a list of email addresses. Ownership does not necessarily imply 'with permission.' MORE

Net Assets (Owners Equity)

Business / Accounting / Net Assets (Owners Equity): The ownership interest in the assets of an entity: equal total assets minus total liabilities. MORE


Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Owner: The person who runs his/her own fantasy team and is ultimately responsible for making all personnel decisions. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Owner-Occupied: A property where the owner physically occupies the property. MORE

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Business / Finance / Homeowners Insurance Policy: A credit line offered by mortgage lenders allowing a homeowner a second mortgage that uses the equity present in the customer's account as collateral. MORE

Homeowners Insurance

Business / Taxes / Homeowners Insurance: Homeowners insurance is a contract between an insurance company and a homeowner to cover certain types of damage to the property and its contents, theft of personal possessions, and liability in case MORE