Business / Taxes / Bid: The bid is the price a market maker or broker is willing to pay for a security, such as a stock or bond, at a particular time. In the real estate market, a bid is the amount a buyer offers to pay for a property.

Other Words for Bid

Bid Verb Synonyms: offer, make an offer (for), tender, proffer

Bid Bond

Business / Construction / Bid Bond: A bond issued by a surety on behalf of a contractor that provides assurance to the recipient of the contractor's bid that, if the bid is accepted, the contractor will execute a contract and provide a MORE

Bid-To-Cover Ratio

Business / Finance / Bid-To-Cover Ratio: The ratio of the number of bids received in a Treasury security auction compared to the number of accepted bids. MORE

Bid Shopping

Business / Construction / Bid Shopping: A practice by which contractors, both before and after their bids are submitted, attempt to obtain prices from potential subcontractors and material suppliers that are lower than the contractors' orig MORE

Bid Security

Business / Construction / Bid Security: Funds or a bid bond submitted with a bid as a guarantee to the recipient of the bid that the contractor, if awarded the contract, will execute the contract in accordance with the bidding requirements MORE

Bidding Requirements

Business / Construction / Bidding Requirements: The procedures and conditions for the submission of bids. The requirements are included ion documents, such as the notice to bidders, advertisements for bids, instructions to bidders, invitations to b MORE


Business / Agriculture / Morbidity: Rate of disease incidence: an important measure in epidemiological studies. MORE