Boiler Room

Business / Taxes / Boiler Room: A boiler room is a location used by con artists to contact potential victims out-of-the-blue — an approach known as cold calling — in an attempt to sell high-risk investments that may or may not be legitimate. Boiler room scammers typically use high-pressure tactics to close an immediate sale and are unwilling to provide written information about either the investment they are pushing or themselves.

Other Words for Room

Room Adjective Synonyms: space, area, scope, extent, allowance, latitude, elbow-room, range, leeway, margin
Room Noun Synonyms: live, lodge, dwell, abide, reside, stay

No Room At The Inn

Entertainment / Baseball / No Room At The Inn: Refers to a situation where the bases are loaded. MORE

Order Room

Business / Finance / Order Room: The brokerage firm department receives and processes all orders to buy and sell securities. MORE


Business / Construction / Mushroom: The unacceptable occurrence when the top of a caisson concrete pier spreads out and hardens to become wider than the foundation wall thickness. MORE