Bottom Fishing

Business / Taxes / Bottom Fishing: Investors using a bottom-fishing strategy look for stocks that they consider undervalued because the prices are low. The logic of bottom fishing is that stock prices sometimes fall further than a company's actual financial situation warrants, especially in the aftermath of bad news. Bottom-fishing investors hope the stock will rebound dramatically and provide a healthy profit.

Other Words for Bottom

Bottom Noun Synonyms: seat, buttocks, rear, behind, rear end, rump, posterior, hindquarters, breech, fundament, gluteus maximus, backside, butt, prat, bum , can, duff, keister or keester, hinie, arse, ass, tokus, tochis

Bottom-Up Equity Management Style

Business / Finance / Bottom-Up Equity Management Style: A management style that de-emphasizes the significance of economic and market cycles, focusing instead on the analysis of individual stocks. MORE

Bottom-Up Control

Science / Marine Biology / Bottom-Up Control: Refers to food webs. A control of a population that comes from change lower in a food web (e.g., control of a population of mussels by abundance of phytoplankton food). MORE

Bottom-Up Investing

Business / Taxes / Bottom-Up Investing: When you use a bottom-up investing strategy, you focus on the potential of individual stocks, bonds, and other investments. Using this approach, for example, means you pay less attention to the econom MORE