Business / Taxes / Bourse: Bourse is the French term for a stock exchange, meaning, literally, purse. The national stock market of France, a totally electronic market, is known as the Paris Bourse. The term is used throughout Europe and worldwide as a synonym for stock exchange, though it generally isn't used in the US.

Paris Bourse

Business / Finance / Paris Bourse: National stock market of France. MORE

Swiss Electronic Bourse (EBS)

Business / Finance / Swiss Electronic Bourse (EBS): Bank borrowing facility to provide finance while the firm replaces U.S. commercial paper with eurocommercial paper. MORE

Montreal Exchange-Bourse De Montreal

Business / Finance / Montreal Exchange-Bourse De Montreal: The oldest stock exchange in Canada trading stocks, bonds, futures, and options. The Canadian Market Portfolio Index (XXM) tracks the market performance of the 25 highest-capitalization stocks traded MORE

CAC 40 Index

Business / Finance / CAC 40 Index: A broad-based index of common stocks composed of 40 of the 100 largest companies listed on the forward segment of the official list of the Paris Bourse. MORE

Nouveau Marche

Business / Finance / Nouveau Marche: An equity market unit of the Paris Bourse that deals solely in innovative, high-growth companies. MORE

MONEP (Marche Des Options Negociables De Paris)

Business / Finance / MONEP (Marche Des Options Negociables De Paris): A subsidiary of the Paris Bourse that trades stock and index options. MORE