Bucket Shop

Business / Taxes / Bucket Shop: A bucket shop is an illegal brokerage firm, whose salespeople pose as legitimate brokers and attempt to sell you securities. Typically, a bucket shop broker doesn’t actually purchase the securities you agree to buy and that you pay for. Rather the con artists pocket your money and move on, disappearing before you realize you have been scammed.

Other Words for Bucket

Bucket Noun Synonyms: pail, scuttle

Other Words for Shop

Shop Verb Synonyms: store, boutique, department store

Shopped Stock

Business / Finance / Shopped Stock: Sell inquiry that has been seen by or shown to other dealers before coming to an investment bank. MORE


Business / Finance / Shop: Wall Street slang for a firm. MORE

Pro Shop

Entertainment / Golf / Pro Shop: Usually thought of as the building or room where the retail operation of a golf course takes place (the functions of a pro shop can vary widely and might include tee time reservations, club fitting, h MORE